Monday, April 6, 2009

When Will Vacation Get Here?

I may be acting like a short-timer. Our departure for Grand Canyon is only four days away and I'm having trouble concentrating on work.

Let us consider this the beginning of the travelogue.

The big concern is how much to take. I've answered the personaly most important version of the question: how much photographic equipment? The DSLR is going, along with all the compatable lenses; the medium-format film camera with mostly color film; and the 4x5 view camera with B&W film.

We will be staying at one of the lodges at the Village but will carry camping gear for drives to and from. The tent will likely stay home because it's large, and slow to erect and strike - we'l sleep in the cab of the truck.

Clothing and bedding is always an interesting matter for us. Madam believes in packing big. On my own I might bring a few changes of underwear and wash them out in the tub and drip dry. On my own, of course, I might only bring cameras and food.

Tomorrow: the issue with unpopulated country.

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