Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Our Way Back Home

The Stage Station Motel, Glendale, NV, is a single row of one storey
and looks about 50 plus years old. The room is clean and
well-appointed, what any modern motorist would expect. Glendale
appears to be only about 100 yards long; consisting of the motel, a
mini-mart (also the motel office) and a gas station. We looked in
Mesquite, just inside Nevada, but, fortunately for us, there were no
vacancies. I dislike Casinos and I dislike Casino towns - something
about close proximity to some of the most pathetic behavior in the
human catalogue.

Coming soon, depending on when I conk out, a discussion of geology and
roadside beauty.

The Archeoferroequinologist
(parse that one out, if you dare)

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