Saturday, April 11, 2009

National Trails Highway

California Inn, Barstow. Old
Route 66 is now the National Trails Highway. From San Bernardino, Cajon Blvd is cut by I-15. A way around is through Devore. Formerly four lanes, one side is closed, to save on maintenance. The road is discontinuous. A short hop in the freeway to Summit Valley Road, then to Hesperia.

Victorville. Oro Grande. Helendale. Lenwood. Barstow. I don't think those names are in the song about the California Trip. We took our time, including wandering through the twists and turns of a housing subdivision. Still not much photography - I still want to see before I shoot.

I am particularly fond of the desert. I think it is the openness that appeals to me. Perhaps it is the geologist in me that delights in seeing the underlying structure of the land.

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