Friday, April 10, 2009

Jacuzzi in the Bedroom

Super 8 Motel, North Hollywood.

There is a jacuzzi in the bedroom. I chose the room because it was the only non-smoking room still available.

We are a dilatory pair. I was so tired last night that I elected to "worry about it tomorrow". As things typically work out with us an intended 9 am departure was nearly noon. Obviously, Big Sur will have to wait for another time. Hotels and campsites at the coast are scarce or pricey this weekend. Just to be sure we reserved in LA.

This time of year the Coast Route is deserving of a liesurely transit. Hillsides are covered with blooming mustard, poppies and lupine, often in close proximity. And where they are absent, the grass an almost luminous green.

On this leg we made only necessity stops. I knew the camera would stay out of sight. Because I knew I would not be making any photos I looked at everything differently. Sometimes I get so caught up in the idea that I'm a photographer that I think I have to get everything I see. Then I forget to see the thing for getting the photo. Sometimes one must put the camera down and just look; even if it's at 65mph.

Today was all freeway. Tomorrow I expect to go much slower. After Thai Town and a temple we'll head east to San Bernardino. After we get off at Cajon Blvd I hope to stay off untill time to cross the Colorado River into Arizona. Saturday will be, I hope, a day punctuated with numerous stops to look closely.

Good night all. Tune in tomorrow for more.


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