Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disorganized Departure

Work is done. All the timesheets and expense reports are submitted - it's all our time, now. OK, what's next?

Empty truck of work tools and supplies. Load camping gear. How many changes of jeans do I need? How many changes of underwear? What bills need to be paid before we leave. Do we go grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow. Do I transport the view camera in it's big box or the photo-backpack? Remember to pack long underwear. Do I leave the 35mm cameras at home? How about the laptop? Books. Shampoo? Dental floss. Am I going to forget my toothbrush again? I think I've had to buy a new toothbrush everytime we've left home. Charging plugs for two cell phones and two digital cameras, well, that's not so bad. Did I already mention shampoo? Gas bottles, small ones, this time. Fruit. Shaver charging plug (that makes 5). Video camera plug (6). Eton emergency radio. Aspirin. Check the first-aid kit. Fire extinguisher....

...Oh, Lord....

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