Sunday, November 2, 2008

Infrared Film

I have two rolls of Kodak High-Speed Infrared film (HIE) in my refrigerator; they expired in 2007 so I guess I should not wait any longer to use them.

I ran an exposure comparison test using the D200 and got an approximate 9-stop adjustment for the R72 (infrared) filter. The image came out black because the digital sensor is not sensitive to infrared.

Normal black and white film is slightly sensitive to infrared, and I've had some interesting effects show up when using the R2 (red) contrast filter. I had shot a test roll of HIE last year with the F3 starting at an assumed ISO=12, I think. I'm not sure I got usable results - though some frames came out.

Tonight, when it's dark, I'll lock myself in the bathroom with the house lights off and load another roll into the F3. I'll post here again when results are up on Flickr.

See also: Wikipedia-Infrared

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