Friday, January 16, 2009

Comment to California Air Resources Board

I posted the following comment on the
California Air Resources
Board web site (links below):

Comment 15 for phev09 (45 Day).

First Name: Stephen
Last Name: Foster
File (i.e., Attachment):

Subject: Limit Regulation of PHEV Aftermarket Industry
I ask that the Air Resources Board limit
regulation of the PHEV Aftermarket industry
to protect the spirit of innovation currently
in flower.

I drive much more than average for my work
in construction. For one, such as myself,
to have access to clean transportation would
be of great benefit to the effort to reduce
pollution by green-house gasses. I am very
interested in the development of PHEV
technology for light truck applications.

I am concerned that this nascent industry may
be adversely impacted by injudicious regulation.
We need as many new ideas to have a chance to
face the test of the real world as can be
imagined. Ill effects from poor design or
process will be limited due to the small number
of units made. Time for stricter regulation
for test procedures and parts certification
would be more appropriate later, when a few
designs are beginning to dominate the

I urge the Air Resources Board to exercise
restraint in its efforts; the benefits to
society from these emerging technologies
is of great value to society; and the
impacts to a young industry may be to our

Thank you,
Stephen H. Foster
Concord, California

CalCars article on ARB hearing

Air Resources Board Agenda

Scroll to Day 2. Comments can be made
from the agenda page.

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