Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our holiday letter

Dear family and friends,

I hope this finds you in good health and good spirit.

It’s been a good year for us. We are well and reasonably prosperous.

Jenna (the incomparable grandchild) started kindergarten this September. She is an enthusiastic student because, I think, she is a very socially oriented person. She is also well endowed with chutzpah. Her teacher reports a talent for leadership. Somrak has the most interesting conversations with her; I hear about them in the evening. The child can think circles around any two of her adult relatives.

Supaporn, “Nam Som” is busy at Cal State University East Bay (formerly Hayward State) majoring in Psychology. She is on the fence between pursuing an MD or PhD after graduation. She is the academic power player of the family.

Suchira, “Nam Peung” is trying to keep up with Jenna. She plans to return to school at Diablo Valley College next term for either Pediatric Nursing or Early Childhood Education, it seems to change weekly. She does have a special ability to relate to young children.

David is also planning to return to DVC this next term for computer science. He is living in Pleasant Hill. He works in retail, for now; I’m waiting for his help in retro-fitting my pick-up to plug-in-hybrid electric.

Jitladda, “Nam Wan” is currently working full time in our hair salon. She looks likely to take over the business in the future when we retire. She completed her AA at Diablo Valley College this spring, in business. She and some friends bought a house last year in San Leandro – so far they seem to be doing pretty well.

Somrak is enjoying a hemi-semi (1/4) retirement. She spends some time at the salon, but mostly answers the phone and pushes the customers towards the daughters. She frequently has her driver (yours truly) take her on tour around to various scenic spots of the Bay Area. We are planning to visit the Grand Canyon in April, next year, for our 15th anniversary.

I am keeping busy watching construction work for Kleinfelder, Inc. I just completed a project for PG&E in San Francisco. I’ve been busy with my cameras, mostly landscape photography. I’m looking for weekend work photographing weddings and events. I’m also starting a project making portraits of people at their work.

We ask for blessings of joy and prosperity for all of you for the next year.


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